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    Exclamation GW2 - I NEED NEW GRAPHICS CARD

    I Bought Guild Wars 2, but I discovered that my computer will not run it. Based upon my computer specs it looks like my Graphics card is the biggest problem.

    My computer: Dell Inspiron 570 64-bit(Desktop)
    My Specs: Processor - AMD Athlon™II X2 240 Processer 2.80 GHz
    RAM - 3GB
    Graphics Card - ATI Radeon HD 4200

    Based on this chart my graphics card wont run this game at all.

    I need a new graphics card that is compatible with my computer that will run it at atleast 720p settings (Very High or Ultra) and is a reasonable price. ( I'm hoping under $100.)

    Can somebody please post a reply and help me! I'm not very good with computer Tech and really want to play the game before beta! (beta start Friday 4/27/12)
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    ...And this is why you check game requirements BEFORE you buy a game.

    No Thanks to the damn console gamers and market for the last 15 years either...

    PC gaming has always been like this, you check to see what the game needs before you buy it, if your not able to run it, or upgrade your PC before you run it, you simply don't buy the game.

    So many people assume PC gaming is like consoles, every game works on the system no matter what, meanwhile it never will nor has never been like that.

    Your Image link is not working, please correct it, or link to the games PC Requirements from the games website.

    I don't understand what you mean by Play the game before Beta...

    A Beta is the testing phase BEFORE the game is released to Retail.

    If you bought the game, you won't have access to it, until its released, or till the beta is done.

    I have never known a game to allow retail access before Beta is started and/or completed.

    BF3 did allow Beta to be done just before the retail release, but that was because the Beta was based on a different version than the release. But did allow Beta to be done past Retail release.

    Though Beta will still/should still start before retail release.

    No Release date for the game has been officially confirmed yet, and its only the Beta's that have been announced

    Guild Wars 2 - Guild Wars Wiki (GWW)

    about 3 days ago, supposedly gamestop had accidentally leaked the release date which is sometime in June, but then again, that could of been old info GS had in its system from months ago.

    and GS has been wrong many times in past with their release dates in their system, as developers and publishers delay their products.

    Is this your PC: Dell Inspiron 570 AMD Dual Core Desktop | Dell

    If so, open it up, look at the power supply, look for a label,

    and Find the Manufacturer or Brand of Power supply.

    And look at its info, and see if you can find the Amp Rating for the +12V Power Rail.

    or at least take a clear and legible picture of the label and post it.

    more than likely you will need to replace the PSU, along with buying a card that works.

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    yes that is my computer.

    I bought a pre-purchase for guild wars 2 which allows beta access on beta weekends and a 3 day headstart when game is release. and i knew my computer might not be able to handle the game, i just didnt know i would need to upgrade THIS MUCH and that it would be fairly expensive, and the link was only a chart showing which graphics cards work the best with the game. It showed my graphics card as not being able to run it, but on other forums they said my graphics card would be fine but my processor is the real problem, so im not sure what to really do now. I need either a graphics card or processor that is fairly cheap, compatible with my computer, and will run GW2 without lag.

    So do I buy a new processor, or a new graphics card? and I need like exact names that will work with my computer and make it work very good with GW2.

    I will try to take a picture of the inside of my computer, but im not exactly what to take a picture of and im nervous i may break something in my computer.

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