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    Upgrading graphics in Inspiron 660s

    Hello everybody,

    I just recieved my dell inspiron 660s with the core i3 and integrated graphics.. After windows updating and everything else I went to move the graphics card (geforce 210) out of my old desktop to place in the new machine and I ran into the issue of the case being too small to fit my geforce. Now I've seen some graphics cards these days that are HUGE. This geforce is very very small in comparison to what ive seen so it very much surprises me that it would not fit. The geforce is a PCI-E card and there is a PCI-E slot in the new computer but as I've said, the physical limitations of the new case is whats stopping my card from fitting.

    I'm hoping for some guidance as to how I might possibly solve this situation, short of moving all the components in my new machine into my old case... or if anyone knows if there is a line of graphics cards so small to actually fit in this machine. (Still would want a PCI-E card)

    Thanks for any help!

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    You need a low profile card. If you are just looking for a minor upgrade from the integrated you could get this Zotac card for $17 AMIR, if you want a bit more performance then you'll want something else.

    Here are a list of the options available

    Newegg Low Profile Cards
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