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    Planning to upgrade graphic's card.

    Hello! So, I am currently using a GeForce GTX 555 graphics card and I'm looking to upgrade to either a 970, 980, or 1050 Ti. All of these cards I will purchase used but in mint conditions. I am a little concerned about these prices. For example, a 1050 Ti card is cheaper than a 980 card. They're all EVGA cards. Is the 1050 Ti card weaker than the 980?
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    Yes, the 1050 Ti is a weaker card, its current gen, 980 is last gen, upper mid range card, 1050 Ti is lower range current gen.

    1050 and 1050 Ti replace the 950 series cards, which were bottom rung gaming cards last gen.

    For 980 Performance, look at nothing less than a GTX 1060. 3GB and 6GB, the former is slightly reduced spec from the 6GB.

    Just be aware, the EVGA ACX 3.0 cooler cards, all had a massive recall on them, whether EVGA fixed them once they were returned, is anyones guess.

    But they just announced a new cooling set up for their cards, so those newer cards should be better.

    Basically EVGA took a shortcut on the ACX 3.0 cards, "forgot" (aka manufacturing costs short cut) and didn't put any thermal pads on the VRM's on the cards, under the cooler, so they had a habit of over heating and in some cases, actually went up in a flash and puff of smoke on some peoples cards.

    MSI's cards with their Twin Frozr coolers, Asus with theirs, and Gigabytes Windforce coolers, are all fine though.

    The only other problems with the 10xx series cards were some Micron memory based cards if I remember right, for 1070 or 1080 or both, had some issues that were addressed with a bios update.

    For the EVGA cards though, they released a bios update that set fan default speeds higher as a quick stop gap fix. Then offered customers to return the cards, get credit or trade towards a newer fixed one once those were released, or they could send you some thermal pads you can install your self, or send the card in to them and they'll put the pads on and fix and send back.

    the Refurbs, SHOULD be fixed. If you're buying Used, make sure previous owner knew about the recall, and addressed the issue with the cards.

    This is only for the 1050, 1050 Ti, 1060, 1070 and 1080 series cards. If you're looking at a used 970 or 980 then don't worry about it.

    On that topic, skip the 970, unless you can get it for well under $200. It still has the 3.5GB issue (4GB total, but last 500MB of memory runs slower on it, causing frame rate issues at max loads on the 4GB buffer).

    But the 3GB and 6GB 1060's are in the 980 range performance (3GB 1060 is on par with 970, 6GB is on par with 980), the 1070 pulls a head of the older top end 980 Ti, by just a hair.

    So going with 1060, whether slightly reduced spec 3GB, or full spec 6GB model, you're getting upper/top end last gen performance.

    on used/refurb market, I see a lot of 970's still going for $200 range, and 980's in the $300-350 range, which is really stupid, since you can get a newer gen card that performs the same, or slightly better for the same price too.

    Performance, wise, I looked up the GTX 555 (OEM card), and its identical in specs the old reduced spec GTX 560 SE, I know a pair of 560 Ti (full spec 560's) in SLI will match neck and neck a single GTX 760.

    And a Pair of 760's in SLI will match a GTX 970 (give or take a tad in framerates in some games and settings).

    With that said, you can probably expect a 4-5x fold performance increase going to a GTX 970 over the old card.

    980 would probably be at least a 5x improvement, maybe a tad more.

    1050 Ti, would be 3-4x I'm guessing.

    Either way, you can't lose upgrading.

    Can see the GTX 980 vs GTX 1060 (6GB) Founders Edition (Nvidia's own card they sell), about neck and neck in performance.

    GPU 2016 Benchmarks - Compare Products on AnandTech

    970 vs 1060, 1060 wins hands down, but not by leaps and bounds: GPU 2016 Benchmarks - Compare Products on AnandTech

    So for older cards, last gen, if the deal is good enough, GTX 980 would be the better way to go.

    If you can snag a 980 Ti for a good price, I'd consider one of them, or if you can also somehow find a sweet deal on a 780 Ti, that would be another possibility.

    EVGA also made a 6GB GTX 780 for a while as well, they're hard to find, but when they do show up, if the price is right, its a steal. 780 is around 970 performance, but you end up with 6GB of memory, otherwise they normally only have 3GB.

    Just be aware, 980 Ti, 780 Ti are both 250W range cards, and 780 is somewhere between 225 and 250W if I remember right.

    Otherwise, 980 and 970 will be around the same as the old GTX 555 in power consumption.

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    Ok. Yes. I have found used GTX 970s around the $185 price range. This is definitely the card I want to purchase. The three cards I'm looking at are ACX 2.0 cards.

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    Your fine on the 2.0 cards, my 980 Ti has the ACX 2.0+ cooler (basically its just the 2.0 style cooler with the included rear backplate bracket).

    970 isn't bad, $185 is a decent deal, myself, I'd try and find one closer to $175, but $10 isn't enough to matter.

    Is this used or Refurbished with a 1 year warranty from EVGA?

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    Hmm. Well, the ones I'm looking at on eBay (I get most of my stuff from here) are refurbished and can be exchanged within 30 days. I guess the smart move would be to purchase a card that has a 1 year warranty on it. I've been an eBay member for well over 14 years and I don't recall ever having any issues with refurbished video cards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlkaiserNeo View Post
    Hmm. Well, the ones I'm looking at on eBay (I get most of my stuff from here) are refurbished and can be exchanged within 30 days. I guess the smart move would be to purchase a card that has a 1 year warranty on it. I've been an eBay member for well over 14 years and I don't recall ever having any issues with refurbished video cards.
    970 is absolutely not worth it at that price when cards like the rx470 4gb are cheaper new, or you can pick up a gtx1060 or rx480 new for $199 or less pretty often. The 480/1060 will handily outperform the 970. The 470 will match or beat it in most cases and is new under $170.00

    If you can get a gtx980 for ~$200 or so, that's a good deal.
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    Another reason why If I'm looking for a 970 I'll try and find one closer to $175, often I'm looking for 780 or 970's at or below the $150 range myself.

    I have specific Nvidia only needs in my case, otherwise I'd be looking at either AMD or Nvidia.

    But that's just me.

    Gaming wise, its which ever is best deal for me, but again, I have specific needs for Nvidia cards, due to software (non gaming) that only uses Nvidia and not AMD.

    But for now, it seems I'll be using GTX 750 Ti's, bought one last week on newegg, and Networker here on TIMO is sending me his 2 spares he has, so I can utilize all 3 in one of my systems for what I need.

    EVGA used to have some good deals on Refurb 970 and 980's, but the damn pricing keeps fluctuating so much. They did at one time have some 980's for $200, and 970's for $150 range, with 960's down around $120. But since then, 960's went back to $175 +/- up to $200, with 970's floating in that range up to $250, and 980's in the $300-350 range, which is dumb, given you can get a new 1060 or 1070 for close to that. Meanwhile, 980 Ti models also float in the $350 range, in which case why would you get a 980 if you can get a 980 Ti for a tad more, even better question, for $40-50 more, end up with a 1070 with slightly better performance, more memory, and uses substantially less power.

    EVGA's refurb pricing is really idiotic at times.

    Here ya go, GTX 1060 3GB, $180, undercuts their 970 Models by $10 too.

    EVGA - Products - EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB GAMING - 03G-P4-6160-RX

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    That 1060 is a very nice looking card. How is it so powerful but yet so short?

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    All of the newer 10xx series can be made that short. Smaller cooler, lower power consumption, lower heat output, not to mention smaller die fabrication process all helps.

    There's short 1070 cards out there too, about same size as that 1060 as well. Not sure on 1080's, but I'm sure one could make one short enough if it had a proper cooler made that was that short.

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    Ok. That 1060 is the card I'm going to purchase. Man I'm glad I decided to post this here. I would have never known about that 1060 if it weren't for you! Thanks a bunch, ShyguyXPC!

    Also, do you know of any silent SATA HDDs for a reasonable price? As long as it has at least 700 GB of storage.
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    Before buying the 1060, also check out the Radeon RX 470 like Solo commented on, those are pretty good cards, and even though the RX 480 is a "better" card, the 470 isn't far behind it, given its price and lower power requirement.

    1060 (6GB) still beats the hell out of one, even typically beats an RX 480, but the 3GB still usually pull ahead a bit too, but if the price is even cheaper, its another alternative, most reviews I've read on the 470 over the months, it usually lags behind a GTX 970 a tad, not by much, but if you can get a 470 for $150 or less, its another option as well.

    Otherwise the EVGA 1060 3GB from EVGA themselves if its still in stock, refurbished, isn't a bad deal either.

    As to Silent SATA HDD's, aside from an SSD, no. Most won't be dead quiet, not unless its a low RPM or one of those dynamic "Intelligent" speed RPM models.

    I have a couple 1TB and a 3TB drive that are pretty quiet. 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 64MB Cache, and a 1TB Seagate Constellation ES.3 series 128MB Cache 7200 RPM drive. My 3TB is this one, https://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...82E16822178994

    Got it on a deal for $80 about $10 below regular price.

    I was running out of space on my two 1TB drives, and need more for Steam Games to install to, now that a lot of games are weighing in at 30-50 and even some at 70GB of space, doesn't take long to fill that up now days. My ES.3 drive was around same price refurbished/new, and the standard 1TB Barracuda usually goes for $50-55.

    HGST makes some good drives now, (formerly Hitachi, but now owned by Western Digital if I remember right?), but some of their drives are some of the better more reliable models of HDD on market these days.

    Toshiba has a few gems, though some are crap as well, these days, the HDD market has a lot more duds and lower Quality Assurance and control rates/standards it seems, from a decade or two ago. So before buying one you need to look up not only the brand/model of the drive, but also the revision and specific model number for it, as there might be several revisions of a single model, some shit, some good.

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    Ok. Great. Thanks!

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