View Poll Results: Who is your favorite Motherboard MFG?

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  • Abit

    22 20.56%
  • Asus

    22 20.56%
  • ECS

    6 5.61%
  • Gigabyte

    11 10.28%
  • Intel

    2 1.87%
  • MSI

    14 13.08%
  • Shuttle

    0 0%
  • Soltek

    4 3.74%
  • Soyo

    8 7.48%
  • Other (Albatron, Aopen, Biostar, Chaintech, DFI, Epox, FIC, Iwill, Leadtek, PC Chips, Sapphire, Tyan, Zeus...)

    18 16.82%
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    Jun 2000
    Burbank, CA
    ABIT for uni-processor boards and Tyan for SMP boards...

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    Originally posted by davidamarkley
    MSI boards are, IMO, very shoddy boards. I've just had one konk out on me for no apparent reason. I have had nothing but troble with all of the MSI boards I've ever owned...

    I'll stick to ASUS, and Soyo, and Gigabyte. And I like shuttle boards, too. Not very popular but very overclockable.(166 FSB)

    Just my 2c...

    I'm sorry I don't see why .... I am oc'n my as fas as it will let me. running the highest voltages that I can, running a 12/13 cpu mult. ddr setting are moded runs awsome sorry yours took a dump. been running my KT3 for about a yr. no probs

    oh if some one know how I can get my athlon XP & mobo to run on a higher cpu mult. please PM me thanx

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    Oct 2001
    San Diego, CA
    EPoX also has my vote... So I picked "other"

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    Senior Member uncle_jimbo's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    Salem, Oregon
    I prefer Gigabyte.

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    Ultimate Member cadetstimp's Avatar
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    Oct 2001
    Oceanside CA
    Soltek 1rst choice

    Supermicro 2nd choice

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    Have built 5 systems with MSI boards, haven't had a problem with one yet. Probably will eventually, but until then, will continue to use them. Hard to beat for the price. Also used both a BIOSTAR and Chaintech recently on a couple of cheap system builds and for the money (less than $40 US each), they are decent and running well for their intended purposes.

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    Ultimate Member linux_guru's Avatar
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    Oct 2001
    Melbourne, Australia
    Gigabyte get my vote.

    I've always had great success with them. And ........ so much cheaper than the overrated ASUS or ABIT.

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    Ultimate Member SPEEDO's Avatar
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    Oct 2001
    Central, Me.
    Asus First

    MSI Second
    Go Pats

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    Feb 2002
    Here,but not TOTALLY
    I used to like Abit (have a BH6 still running SWEET), then I bought a few KR7a-133 RAID's and had to RMA them each time. No thanks. Replaced them with MSI KT4 and have had no problems.

    Abit missed the boat, MSI gets my vote.

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    1010011010 jmichna's Avatar
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    Oct 2001
    Chicagoland IL


    For AMD processors:
    If you want stability, speed, tweakability, great feature set... all at very reasonable prices, then EPoX cannot be beat.

    One of the best mobos every made for AMD cpus is the 8K3A+, and the 8K5A2+, 8K5A3+, the 8K9A family, and EPoX's new nForce2 mobo all get extremely high marks in reviews.

    Check out the overclocking-oriented forums, such as and, and you'll see what the majority of AMD tweakers like best.

    Regarding Intel cpus... no strong opinion on mobos, but I usually go Asus for Intel.
    "The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; It's just that they know so much that isn't so." -- Ronald Reagan

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    Ultimate Member willy_ph's Avatar
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    Oct 2001
    Trent University
    I haven't had any problems with the 2 Aopen boards I'm using right now. I've had 1 FIC board go out for no reason. And I've got another computer using an MSI board.

    The price was right on the Aopen boards at the time.
    The difficulty is to try and teach the multitude that something can be true and untrue at the same time. -- Arthur Schopenhauer

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    Dec 2001
    so far Id have to say Abit, then followed by gigabyte.

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    My vote is for Abit.......Running AT7 Max2........VERY SWEET board.....VERY OC-able......running rock solid w/2400xp 143x15 (xp2600+) Built several Abit and Asus systems......prefer Abit...
    AMD 2400+
    Abit Kx7 Raid
    4 40gig 7200 WD HD's
    2 IBM Deskstar 68pin SCSI 15000 RPM HD's 18.2 gig
    MSI G-F4 128mb DDR
    TDK 40-12-48 CDRW
    25 inch Sony Trinitron
    512 mb Corsair PC2700 DDR
    Swiftech MCX370 CPU Fan

    What's a Pentium????:D

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    Ultimate Member ragtop's Avatar
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    Oct 2001
    Milwaukee, WI
    I've used Asus, Abit, MSI, ECS, Shuttle, Leadtek, and Biostar. All of them worked reasonably well.

    But my all time favorite is my Soltek. No matter what I throw at this thing, it just does what its supposed to do.

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    I just got my new chaintech and I love it everything was easy to setup and the extras plus the price were just right. Also I heard ecs just bought out asus or abit but cant remeber which anyways it still has the name but ecs is producing it is the same company

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    Chaintech would be my first favorite, second would be biostar because chaintech is more realiable and faster performance.

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    Greater Midwest
    I'm surprised nobody said shuttle. They haven't been all that bad for me. MSI's last three board IN A ROW have disappointed me. Bad luck, probably...but still enough to sway me away for a while (I have yet to have enough problems with a particular board to give up on it forever). After all, it is technology...there's always going to be issues.

    So far the only ones that have a flawless record with me are Abit and Soltek (having dealt with more than two, anyway).

    Now if I could just remove shuttle and intel from the vote board, and add Epox and Chaintech...
    This is my weapon...this is my gun...this one's...well, you know the rest.

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    Blog Entries
    Nice idea LSD25!
    I voted other: I prefer hand-me-downs which work. That said, I only get certain boards 'handed down' to me.
    I have bought: DFI and FIC
    I have tried via hand-me-down: Biostar, Award, Intel, Gigabyte, ECS, Acer, IWill, Tyan.
    I have never seen: Abit, Asus, Shuttle, Soltek, Soyo, Albatron, Chaintech, Epox, Leadtek, PC Chips, Sapphire, Tyan, Zeus.
    My thoughts here are that the ones I have never seen must still be in functional service or otherwise were totally junked before I got them. Out of the ones I have used more than setting them up, I'd say DFI and Biostar were tied for top seat, FIC close behind, then Tyan, then Gigabyte, then all the rest. But then again, these are nearly all Slot1 or older (except for the Biostar - S370).... Ha... what do I know!! <:|

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