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    Program to shorten your songs?

    Guys, i have to make a warm up cd for my basketball team and i was wondering what software i could use to shorten the songs. What i want to do is, Play like a minute of the first song, then fade out and go right into song number 2. Then play so much of that one, then fade out and go to number 3 without any silence. Is there any way of doing this? Would i need to purchase some software, or is there free software to do this? Any help would be appreciated guys


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    Soundforge works nice, shouldn't be too costy either.
    Cooledit is cheaper I recall and does pretty much the same.
    That is, if you need serious editing
    I'm pretty sure there are some freeware progs that let you just cut the wav files etc.

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    There's a nifty shareware audio editor out the called Goldwave that'll do what you want it to do (It may not do the crossfades, but you can fade one tune out and bring the next one up) that retails for $40 but there's a downloadable demo here:

    Goldwave Audio Editor

    The others I can think of (especially for crossfading, which requires a multitrack editor) tend to be on the pricey side, but this will getcha there :-)
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    thanks very much guys. i chose to go with goldwave, that works realy good. Thanks for the replies


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