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    cpu readings again

    Ok folks, (evil rick and nukes in particular)

    My AMD athlon xp 1700+ that should be running at 1.47ghz
    is only running at 1.11ghz....(my computer properties shows that)

    Now, I went into my bios to change the frequency (which was at 100....which in turns gives me the 1.11ghz) however, i noticed that it says minimum 100, maximum 132, so i changed it to 132 and saved changes, but then when i go into my computer properties it still says 1.11ghz so i go back into my bios and see that its back at 100 again. Its like its not accepting the change. Whats up with that, anybody know? I want to get the most out of this cpu without overclocking.

    Thanks for your help


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    Are you saving the changes when you exit.... there might be a set routine for that.
    If not, does it save other changes - the BIOS battery might be dead....

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    Yes tmx, i was saving the changes, and i just figured out what the problem was...on my motherboard there is a switch 1 that was in the on position (default) and when it is in the on position it is 100mhz for a 200fsb cpu....i turned it to the off position and guess what, it now reads 1.47 ghz within my computer properties, and within the bios it now reads cpu frequency at 133mhz.

    Thanks for your help


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    sounds like u've got a gigabyte board
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    ahh ur too quick... good work

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    Right, I see your problem. The mobo doesn't support this CPU if the FSB only goes to 132. That probally won't work anyway as you will still be running with 100mhz dividers. maybe there is a jumper on the board for this. If not it means the board is too old.
    Oh. Too late. Well, I'm glad you got it sorted.
    note to self: RTFT (Read the F** thread!)

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