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    Smile Another CPU temp thread

    I just got done building a comp and the temperature is at about 69C....I turned it off immediatley :0) anyways I am using a Zalman hs+f. I think that it is 6000-cu anyways so it is running really hot. I put thermal grease on there. I am getting my as3 back soon so I will put that on when I get it back but why would it be running so hot?? The case has 8 fans in it and the 90mm fan blowing on the hs. My thermal probe is saying 30C and my Bios is saying 69C...gotta trust the BIOS :0). Any ideas?? Maybe I should reset the hs see if that works.

    Also I forgot to plug in my graphics card and on boot up the comp started beeping and gave me a message that said like please plug power into your ATI 9700. The thing is that I bought a 9500:0). Maybe I got lucky and they sent me the wrong part.

    By the way system specs:
    2500xp Barton
    512mb ram
    9500(maybe 9700) 128mb graphics
    80gb hd
    Chaintech 7-NJS Mobo
    Zalman HSF
    X-Superalien Case w/ 500watt PSU


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    Holy Crap thats hot.

    Make sure the HSF is on right.

    Sounds like the BIOS is reporting wrong or the thermal sensor is wacked, at them temps I dont think it would even boot.

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    would flashing the bios maybe fix that if it is a bios error?
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    Jeez...that's near burn up temp because it is usually about 5 degrees hotter than what your sensor is reporting. The burn up temp is 85C. Maybe you didn't get enough grease on it?

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    Update bios

    Check heatsink

    update mobo drivers

    Make sure fan on top of heatsink is working

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    I figured out what was wrong with it. I got a zalman hsf and I'm used to having the part u push on towards the PCI slots so i did that so the heat sink was half way off the cpu [mumbling how stupid I am to self] so that was my problem ty for help
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    Your lucky you did not cause any damage to your CPU.

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    OMG! almost fried it!

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    The chaintech 7njs reads temps higher than most any other nforce2 board, I had 3 of them.
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