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    Gigabyte KT600 K7 Triton 400 FSB Motherboard

    put in a 9600 radeon pro x8 128 mgb

    having trouble overclocking cpu and video card...freezes up during benchmarks

    sweeper overclocked his cpu and this video card"who i got it off of" and had no problems ..

    any suggestions anyone....
    running xp athlon 2500 cpu
    256 ram ddr
    motherboard in subject line...

    tried voltage adjustments on video alone...would lock up, then tried voltage on cpu and video...still if i go over 1900 mhz "stock 1800 mhz" card will freeze...do i need more air on card... or am i just stuck for this system...

    still regerstrating 10900 on 3d 2001 se
    and 3000 on 3d 2003...
    thanks ...

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    what version of drivers are you running on the card....this may be totally incorrect, but i remember hearing one of my friends telling me that he was trying to oc' his radeon, but couldnt because the newer ATI drivers actually block you from doing so.....maybe that is your problem. As for oc'ing the cpu, i have never had great luck with overclocking on any gigabytes....sorry i dont have more help....

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    went out today and bought another stick of 256 ddr 2700 ram 333 ram and a pc slot 3500 rpm fan to go with my 2 other case fans...left cpu voltages,pc voltages, and ram voltages stock, but increased the system bus to make cpu run 1900 mhz.

    then over clocked card core clock 450 mhz
    and mem clock 348 mhz

    now getting 11500 on 3d se 2001..
    happy i broke the 11000 benchmark

    gigabyte k7 triton, kt600 400 FSB MOBO
    512 ddr 333 2700 mem
    radeon 9600 pro 128 x8 fast write disabled
    13 gig maxter
    read/write cd player
    standard cd player
    athlon xp 2500 over clocked to 1.9 mhz
    56 k modem
    cable ethernet pc card
    sound blaster live
    3 case fans

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