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    Angry No Signal on Monitor

    I get a post beep,all the lights come on,I have complete power to everything,only I dont get a image on the monitor.I have swapped out 2 different video cards(Radeon 9600 Se AGP,and a Radeon 7500 PCI) i still have no video.I also have tried different monitors,and different cards to different monitors.I still have no video.I installed xp home on my harddrive and it was working,then I shut down and when i turned it back on my video was gone.Ive tried reseating the motherboard,and playing with the cmos,but i havent had any luck.What shall I do?

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    Two questions:

    Have you tried different VGA cables?

    Does the computer appear to be otherwise booting correctly?

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    yes I have different cables yes.The whole computer is booting fine besides that.

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    uhhhhh?? my experience...

    the PSU? what have you got there?

    and do you see the power on self test?

    could be a fried AGP slot? maybe you OCed something a little too much? too much voltage?

    my guesses, could be on the right track, or just completely off track o_O

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