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Thread: rear case fan

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    rear case fan

    hey guys
    i bought and installed a 120mm fan at the rear of my case. unfortunately we don't have that great PC stores here, so i had to buy a clear 4 led fan. when screwing it in.. i accidently wore one of the, already crappy, screws. i used a phillips head screwdriver but one of the screws wasn't going in so easily, so i used more force and now the '+' is pretty much a 'o'

    now how big of a problem will this pose if i want to remove the fan lol? it's installed on one of those 'hole punched grills' i know you guys all love

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    Removing the screw shouldn't pose any problem at all. If you can't grab it with anything to turn it then take and grind the head off, off comes the fan. Or drill it out, etc etc.. shouldn't pose a problem at all. They aren't the strongest of screws. Any dremel with a cutting head should take it off with no problem and nearly or no damage to your case.

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    i don't have a dremel but im sure dad has some rotary tools in the garage. cheers sweeps

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