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    Somebody is scanning your computer

    I installed the free version of Sygate's firewall and i'm still in the process of learning the app (alot different then ZA Pro I'd been using) and noticed this fom the app;

    Somebody is scanning your computer.
    Your computer's TCP ports:
    6129, 80, 2745, 3127 and 1025 have been scanned from

    Something to be concerneed about?

    Also, what the heck is this NDIS User Mode Driver that accesses the net even when it's blocked?

    Thanks WB

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    port 6129 usually used by dameware

    port 80

    port 2745 back door port commonly used for Bagle/Tanx virus

    port 3127 back door port commonly used by myDoom/Novar virus

    port 1025 used for Remote Procedure Call (RPC), can be exploited
    http://www.linklogger.com/TCP1025.htm, someone was tryin to get in is what it looks like to me

    stuff for NDIS...

    run a search for 'dameware' as well as getting ad-aware/spybot and see if you find anything

    hope this helps
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    Sorry I don't know about the NDIS user mode thing, but I think from the look of the ports that someone was likely running a vulnerability scanner like SuperScanner (available from less than reputable sources like various sites on the BOX.SK network). Nothing to be worried about - most of these attacks are random. Once people see that they can't attack you, they move on to easier targets.

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    The NDIS driver is responsible for making calls to dynamic link libraries in the TCP/IP networking stack. NDIS is likely trying to communicate to your ISP's DNS server. There is no need to block NDIS, in fact it is probably not a good idea to block NDIS in certain situations.

    If you have WinXP and NDIS is moving a constant flow of data, then you can disable the Wireless Zero Configuration service to stop the data flow. This data is not being transferred to the Internet, but only between a device/app and the NDIS driver. However, Sygate usually thinks the data is being routed to the Internet.

    I just checked against the IP address you are using to access TIMO. It appears Comcast is actively scanning for common server ports. This is a common practice and nothing to be concerned about.

    Hope this helps,
    Robert Richmond

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    This is a reason I don't like ZoneAlarm.. it doesn't tell you information about what's going on outside the box (it may in a log file, but its probably not advertised the log file is there)

    While on the other hand until you get Sygate set how you like, it can be a bit of drinking from the firehose
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