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    How To Totally Disable Security???

    Hey guys...ok, this might sound silly, but I want to TOTALLY disable any security settings that might be running on my computer (not on IE though). For whatever reason I'm not pingable and can't connect to game servers...and I have NO firewall running at all. WinXP Pro's firewall is disabled and my Norton Firewall is disabled completely. I even turned Norton off in msconfig and reboot. However, although NOTHING in my system tray resembles any kind of security, I still have files related to Norton showing in my processes. When I click them and "end task", they're still showing up and will not go away.

    Take a look at my processes (if ya don't mind) and let me know what you think.


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    come on don't be shy big boy
    show me your processes

    Ya gotta give 'em to us!

    www.grc.com -- run their scanner to see what kind of open ports you have
    If they show ya closed down you may have to run some sort of scrubber to get rid of stupid norton (and people wonder why I hate symantec!)
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    a long way from home
    not pingable..................

    router with nat firewall?

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    No router
    No software firewall enabled right now.

    I'm with ya vass...even msconfig doesn't completely stop Norton. WTF?
    About to run that proggie...thanks buddy!

    Wait a minute vass...look what happened when I mentioned GRC here:

    EDIT: Oh boy...I must have messed up something...I can't connect to "shields up" on GRC or Sygate's scanner. When I click 'scan now', it goes right to 'Action canceled' IE can't connect to that link...blah blah.

    Seems like java is messed up somehow...
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