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    adobe-flash player


    i seen on G4 tv that adobe let websites stores cookies on your
    computer with out you knowing up to 100k,my slider is now at 0

    "Websites might occasionally want to store information, such as your high score from a Flash game or what products you have purchased, to your computer. On the Global Storage Settings panel, you can control how much disk space websites may use to store information and can also prohibit websites from storing any information at all. If you prohibit websites from storing information, the website might or might not function as intended"

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    CCleaner is really good to clean my computer so i recommend it: http://www.ccleaner.com/

    Some sites need to store cookies on your computer but they are easy to remove with free tools available on thet web and it is true that sometimes if you don't let the cookies install on your computer you won't see the page.

    CleanUp is also a good tool to remove them: http://www.stevengould.org/software/.../download.html

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    Lets some in, blocks some

    Adobe tries to make money by knowing which cookies to let in and making money on those cookies. You play games that Adobe makes money fromthe game makers. Me, I do not play games so Adobe tries to block the cookies I use- if they don't their word is no good to those that pay Adobe the blackmail money (black is the color of the screen if you do not have games to play). Me, when Adobe froze my computer and demanded that I delete a cookie(one of many that tell StatCounter and RiteCounter not to count my just-checking clecks on my websites), I pulled the plug and plugged it back in and quickly left an inhouse message at Adobe that they were greedy b**tards and idiots for thinking they could control my computer. You need Adobe for your game playing- I keep Adobe out to keep my websites running.

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    if you use firefox 2 you can set it to clean up cookies and everything else every time u close the browser. I have mine set that every time i close it, it prompts me what i wanna clear (history, cookies, saved passwords....)

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    These are not browser cookies, sr71000, they are Flash's own cookies. IIRC, there was a fuss about them being used as a backdoor GUID and tracking method a while ago.

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    i'm sorry....i read quick. Haven't heard anything about this really. Too bad i don't have time to keep up w/ everything Thanks for the heads up though...i'll have to check this out .

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    Adobe Flash Player

    To PAUL9- I am getting caught in the middle of Adobe's cookies controling efforts. If Adobe controls the cookies in a pc, then Adobe can start making $$$$$$$$. I do not use programs or play games that Adobe makes alot of money from. So, I just try to find a way around Adobe.

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