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    Thunderbird sending spam

    Fired up Thunderbird this morning and found loads of assorted mail rejected messages in my in box.
    They seemed to come from people in my contacts list and were rejecting an email with a link to some web site which I didn't follow.
    Only prior odd occurrence was Thunderbird, on starting, asking if I wanted to send an unsent message, to which I absent-mindedly said yes.
    There was no matching message in my sent folder.

    I suspect a virus or Trojan may have done this, despite having Norton standing guard on all emails.

    Does anyone know exactly what happened and if there is a defence against it.
    Thunderbird did not seem to have a "don't send - delete" option for the unsent message.


    I cross posted this on the Mozilla Thunderbird forums, mozillazine, and this has generated some suggestions, so please follow this link
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    Sounds like those guys pretty much nailed it. Most the time you see random emails bouncing back it is from spoofed email messages that aren't sent directly from your PC or through your own account. You'll definitely want to run a few scans via some of the malware/adware and antivirus software linked just to make sure you don't have any bugs in your own system that could have lead to outside access to your contacts list.

    It sounds like you've also already taken all the appropriate steps with a change of password, but what type of email account (or what service is this)? As mentioned it could be an issue there. I also see that you mentioned another friend as the 'main sender' (I believe). Do you guys happen to have share many of the same connections? It could be that the emails are even from your account, but the contact list came from another person and they spoofed a few emails addresses from that list to use as sender.
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