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    guys does anyone know if there are any spyware blockers that work over a network?

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    I've heard someone saying that a Spybot also carries a spam, after got it detected with a different Spybot program. But I've forgot which program was it.

    Still have spam on my Outlook. Spybot isn't working as much
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    out of curiousity..how much does being behind a router...(which we know acts as a NAT server) help block spyware and virus attacks....

    because I almost never get spyware or virii...(I dont even run antivirus, lol) and I run the much hated IE6. (w98se)

    I do keep my windows updated and I run adaware about 2x a week....I run trend micro's online scan about once a week just to check up....

    Is the router helping to filter things out? or is it because I am mainly not a curious person when it comes to links? (I am NOT "click happy")

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    i've had very few spyware items found during scans since i setup my modem/router and also blocked ALL third party cookies. I didn't get very much anyway.

    I think you need to take care where you surf and be very careful with stuff you download in order to avoid the worst of the spyware thats out there.

    I'm now running xpsp2 (rc2) and it comes with a popup blocker for IE ..........the bestset browser around............and an alarmingly efficient download warning info bar............


    it'll be interestin to see if this works

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