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    how to connect 3 pin fan cable to the usb?

    I want to connect 3 pin fan cable to the usb cable, then I want to connect usb to the computer and power the fans, is it possible? what is the voltage of usb? what cables(colours) should I connect that are responsible for power?

    maybe there are ready made adapters?

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    Why would you do that?
    I don't think you should, you might kill your USB controller.

    The pins for the fans are the red and black wires (thats how it is on my coolermaster fans)
    They run off 5v, so I wouldn't try it on USB.
    If the 3 pin connector looks like this from the underside:
    1 2 3
    where the _ is where the orientation tab on the board would go, pin 1 is the speed sensor, pin 2 is the positive, and 3 is the negative (I really hope I've got that the right way round)
    These will wire onto the red and black wires from the power supply that go onto molex connectors. i.e. (assuming this looks like a molex connector to you )
    1 2 3 4
    1 = yellow
    2 = black
    3 = black
    4 = red
    Wire the pins from the fan wire to pins 3 and 4 on here.

    Still, I wouldn't try it on a USB wire.

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    Nukes Thanks!

    I want to connect it because I want to make a laptop cooler that is powered by usb

    btw there are many coolers(they are too big or too small I can't find a good one, don't bother searching I have found everything that can be found!) that use usb and there aren't any problems so.....

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    here's a thing, USB --------> Fan Mate 1(Zalman) to regulate voltage ---------> Y Splitter --------> 2 fans

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    the problem would be that most fans are 12 volt, usb is 5 volt.
    you would need a fan that was designed for that usb power.
    also the 5 volt usb supply is a limited curent supply and can easly be overloaded.

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    Still, I wouldn't hook it straight up to the USB. Maybe you could use the power wires from the laptop hard disk. They take the same power as 3.5" hard disks so it shouldn't be that big a deal to patch an extra wire in.

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    got a new idea, i will just buy a 12v adapter and hook the fans up to it!

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    Some of the smaller fans I have seen use 5volt and usb puts out 5volt to power the devices. Problem is. some laptops DON'T supply the same power that a desktop computer would so. Yes. You can wire up a fan to a usb. No I wouldn't suggest doing so. 1 Wire it in wrong and laptop is fried. 2 They make laptop fans that do the job more efficiently and look more professional while staying relatively cheap. but just a word of caution. if they have an in line on/off switch be gentle with the cord. I have had to fix those in the past, and those lil switches are a pain to solder back in!

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    computer fans run UP TO 12volts without deformation so you could use a fan in a 5 volt usb.


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