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    Text gets erased when I type - HELP!!!


    Periodically, some applications on my computer act strangely when I type.

    If I make a mistake, and put the cursor within the text to start correcting it, when I start typing, the text that was in front of the cursor is erased. It's like watching Pacman eating his dots!!!

    This happens in Word and Outlook Express.

    I thought it may be an autoformat function, but I can't find anything in the menus.

    The only workaround I have is to cut the text I want to keep, then type the text where the mistake was, and the paste the cut text. very frustrating and slow!!!!

    Any ideas to fix this problem???


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    It's because of the INSERT key enabled in ur program. Turn it off and everything is solved

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    If you're on a laptop, make sure you aren't accidentally using a "tap and drag" function when you move your cursor... you may be hilighting the stuff after where you put the cursor and as soon as you type, the selected text is overwritten.

    It is unlikely this is happening if you use a regular mouse though.

    (I think the previous post is probably correct, but this is another idea...)

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    Thanks Guys

    So simple yet so frustrating!!!!


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