Okay, I am still having issues... click the link below to see my posts from this morning.


I ran the virus scans in safe mode and the puter appears to be clean. I booted in safe mode and attempted to install Earthlink from a disk but an error message appeared... possibly something wrong with Windows Installer?

"C:\windows\msxml3.msi returned 1601"

So I do more research about the windows installer and I reboot in regular XP mode to try and see if the installer is registered correctly. I go to start, then run, the open "regedit" and it flashes open for one second and disappears (just like the task manager...see above link). WHY does it do that? I think it is possessed. It's driving me crazy. I just want to install stupid Earthlink so I can have a chance of fixing this monster.

Anyone have any ideas why I can't open task manager or the windows registry? I still can't open McAfee in regular mode, either.


Sommer Marie