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    Question "[.ShellClassinfo]" what is this???

    Hi guys.. wonder if u guys can tell me what does this mean:

    LocalizedResource.Name=@%systemRoot%\system32\shel l32.dll,-21787

    Everytime i turn on my computer, this text always comes up in the notepad... why huh???? It's been there about 2 months now... and now i am starting to get annoyed... I just done the Spybot and the Ad-aware yesterday but still it doesn't go away.... WHY 'O' WHY 'O' WHY!!!!

    Can somebody tell me what this is, plezzz

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    I went to the startup tab but i couldn't actually find anything under this reference .shellclass info. any other idea

    Operating system is Window XP... plez help

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    Notepad Starts With "[.ShellClassInfo] LocalizedResourceName=@%SystemRoot%\System32\Shell 32.dll,-21787" When You Start Your Computer
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    It's gone now... thanks vass0922 and also Steve R Jones... U guys R great...

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