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    Cant access Dlink router admin page

    Hey all, i picked up an old router off a buddy of mine, a d-link DI-704... but i can't get to the admin page at , i disable the software firewall when i try to access it.

    I have a router setup at home, so i know how to configure everything, but no matter what i do i cant access the routers admin page. also, i cant get net access through the router, even tho windows says my connection is fine.

    so is it just dead? is there anyway for me to upgrade the firmware despite not being able to access the admin page? i mean i wont be heartbroken if its junk, but i would be handy to have a spare router. thanks-

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    there should be a button on the router to reset it. have you tried that?

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    sure have

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    to reset that dlink you will have to power it down hold the reset in power it up holding the reset in for 5sec. m1 and m2 leds will flash 8 times if it is done correctly.

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    guess i should reword it.... ive tried all the logical and obvious steps

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    Have you tried to hook up the router to another computer ?? Dsl or cable ?? Can you access the internet thru just the modem ???
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    tried it on 3 different computers, cable, and the modems work just fine...

    even tried different network cables to rule that out

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