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    Laptop screen: checkerboard

    My brother needed his laptop fixed because the screen went all out of wack so I've been taking a look at it.... it looks like a checkerboard on the screen and I ran all the in Windows tests, but I think it's something more than that.

    So after a while of messing with it, I decided to use the restore CD and get it back to manufacturer condition.... still the same.... I've tried out Spybot, Ad-Aware, Norton, PestPatrol, and RegSupreme, making the laptop as clean as possible but I kind of figured that wouldnt fix the problem.

    The specs:
    Fujitsu NSeries Lifebook Laptop
    Pentium 2.66Ghz (533Mhz)
    512MB RAM
    802.11g internal wireless
    not sure of the motherboard, whatever they put in it
    WinXP Home Edition, SP1

    I've included a few digital camera pictures of what the screen looks up during start-up (it's hard to see but it's the best I could come up with):

    This is the POST:

    as you can see, it's got lines down the screen (anything else is camera related)

    This should read Fujitsu, the company who made the laptop......

    see, checkerboard blue and green! a nice touch ; )

    Here's the Windows Start-up screen

    it's like the POST

    and this one's hard to see, but:

    it's all messed up, checkerboard, lines, distortion, everything

    The ENTIRE REST of the laptop works though!!! It's probably some technical issue that I'm not sure on how to fix!!

    Any suggestions?


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    Ultimate Member mazdarx7-64's Avatar
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    Try to take off the monitor and reseat the plug for the monitor. If that does not work, it may be a bad screen.
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    take off the monitor? it's a laptop though!

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    alright i plugged my crt into the open VGA port on the back of the monitor and it looks the same so i'm guessing its the video card?

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    knight to e, 4 please.

    any way it looks like it has a very good chance of being your graphics card do you have a spare card or know of some one that does so you can test it? ifnot take it back to where you bought it as the life book looks fairly new and it has most proberly a 3 year warrienty if not 5).
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    Um.......... it is possible to take off a laptop monitor i've changed screens on a laptop before, it is very possible.
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    to my knowledge, this laptop only had a 1 year warranty..... and i'm assuming the problem is the video card. i went to properties of the desktop, settings, advanced (i went to disable the crt).... and back in settings, there's a drop window (display, it's a radeon 9000), and it had two options:

    1. (Multiple Monitors) on MOBILITY RADEON 9000
    2. (Multiple Monitors) on MOBILITY RADEON 9000

    it was on 2 so though i would try out 1........ that KIND OF worked, just for in Windows..... there are a few visual errors that i've seen, the pest patrol icon doesnt show, in my computer > properties, the windows logo doesnt show either. Also, the screen is still messed up when i start up, except for the Fujitsu screen (i thought that was what it was supposed to be) is no just blank with a blinking underscore _ ... that sits there for about 5 seconds and the login screen and the desktop looks fine.....

    video card?

    *edit* i'm sure it's possible to take off the monitor, but it's nothing i'd like to try right now.

    *edit #2* the laptop is about a year and 5 months old

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    well that didnt last long, it's back to how it used to be...... and it's just black and green for the fujitsu screen!!! it's obviously the video card is it not?

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    It does sound link the video card, i'd use the warranty personally. I was just saying that it is possible and something to check, if a CRT did the same thing then it is more than likely the video card.
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