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    Must unconnect/reconnect Hard Drive to boot properly

    I just installed a new seagate baracuda IV 60gig hard drive on an epox 8k7a motherboard with a 300w ps. Whenever my computer restarts, POST gets stuck on "detecting ide drives" and just sits there, mobo gives me the error code 75, which is just also just "detecting ide drives." when i unnatatch and reatatch the hard drives power, it boots up fine. anyone know what can be causing this?

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    Maybe it's loose, or something is wrong in the connector somewhere. Have you tried using a different power plug?

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    Do you have the settings in the BIOS to "Auto Detect" the drive? I'm not familiar with that board but I would make sure it's set to auto detect.

    I would also swap around the power connectors, say one from the cdrom to the hard drive and have the cdrom drive left unplugged and see if you get the same hang up. If not it may be the connector as jkrohn suggested. If so, it may be the hard drive configuration.

    I notice that you said restart. Do you have this drive setup as master and if so have you been able to partition / format it yet?


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    I also had a Seagate (could have been any one probably) that was a slave drive. About every other boot...it wasn't there. a reboot might see it and all was ok, til later in Windows when I wanted to access something from that drive, Windows said it wasn't there...some sort of error...a reboot might or might not find it. Finally, I discovered the problem, after two new ribbon cables ect. It turned out to be the $#!@# IDE socket on the drive was flaky...probably a bad soldering job when it was assembled. Seagate made it good of course, but my input here is...who in the devil would ever think a socket on a new hard drive would be flaky?...

    How did I find and prove it?... I had the case cover off, and put pressure on the ribbon cable connector during boot, with my finger...had to do this several times to satisfy myself that I had actually discovered the dang problem.

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