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    Format using CMD Prompt?

    Hi all,

    I"m just wondering what the commands to format a hardrive with Windows command prompt, if someone could tell me how to do it and the basic commands mean that would be great, thanks!?

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    format "drive letter"

    as an example:

    format c: /U

    the /U switch will unconditionally format the drive

    for more info type "format /?" at the command prompt

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    if you are using XP then just right click the HD under my computer

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    I go from DOS personally

    format c:

    then type y

    That will format to FAT32 without issue

    If you want to format NTFS you can do the same, but you might as well use the XP CD since you'll want the install right after anyway.

    If its a new drive you want to format NTFS, use My computer, right click and follow as above.

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    thank messe. format c: /U it's working good

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