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    Unhappy vaio laptop CD/DVD drive not working


    I'm running the following sony laptop which is less than four months old

    Sony Vaio Centrio A217M running widows XP

    I'm having a problem with the onboard CD/DVD drive model sony DVD RW DW-D56A

    The problem

    today I went to use a DVD ripper application to make a back up copy of a dvd to be stored on my HD. I d/led a ripper application insented a dvd and fired up the software and started ripping. a bit into the process the DVD drive tray popped open. Now no matter what type of CD or DVD i put in the drive it won't even recognise the disc. The dirve makes no attempt to read the disc (makes no noise)

    What I've tried
    Check for XP updates
    Checked and updated all the vaio updates including a firmware update for said drive.
    Shutdown and restarted a few times
    search for a more current driver.
    bang my head on the desk whilst sobbing

    Can any one suggest any help ? or do people think that the drive is phiically broken and needs replacing ?

    Thanks in advance

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    I have same problem with my computer too. I had 52X MAX CD-ROM+DVD+CDR all in one. When i try play dvd it won't recongize it. it make little noise and then stops,

    As mensioned in your message about the CD-ROM Drive.

    Its not broken, and you don't have to replace it.

    Look for the name of the Drive. Then visite to manufacture website and try to download software that would install the your cd-rom drive.

    If this doesn't work. Go To www.driverguide.com this best site ever. I hope this will work for you.

    I think this is the best site for you to fix your CD-ROM Drive.

    they have lots of driver software that you could download install on your system. For your CD-ROM Drive look for the model number and download driver that is best your system.
    After you install rebot your PC.

    Know you can play DVD's+Write CDRW,Erase CDRW.

    thank you.
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    thank for the reply shan but I'm pretty sure it's not a driver issue

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    I had the same thing happen in another laptop of mine, cdrom failure, it just died, it makes noise for a second and then nothing, doesnt even let me recognize any cds, i think the lazer is dead...

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    looks like you've tried the obvious , if the machine is only 4 months old get it replaced on warranty,you should expect it all to work correctly per the manufacturers spec unless it's been messed about


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    go to sony.com/support and you can find the drivers for it there
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    there are no drivers for optical drives

    it sounds very much to be a dead drive concidering it was working fine a second before it stopped and that it just popped open

    i agree with steve, let sony handel it since it is still under warranty (it has to be atleast 1 yr right?)
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    Question x3r0kool

    I have a VAIO PCG R505-EL with docking station for cd/dvd rom and floppy. Recently, the dvd ROM crapped out on me. I've tried all of the above, and also tried flashing BIOS back to its original state. I've tried several different types of drives, but none work in the VAIO. I had an HP laptop I tried the same drives in, and they worked just fine. After that, I replaced the IDE cable inside the docking station. still nothing. And to top all of that off, my HDD spun its last cycle, and now I don't have a way to put an OS on my new HDD. I tried using external cd/dvd ROMs to boot from, but USB 1.1 doesn't always allow booting. I think I'm SOL, what about you guys?

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