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    RealTek Audio 97 Query


    I have a RealTek Audio 97 which comes, oddly, with a 'Sound Effect Manager' that allows you to put effects such as Reverb and others onto sound output. However, does anyone know if there is any way to make it do this to INPUT sound e.g. from a microphone? It would be rather cool to put Science-Fiction effects on VoIP.

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    As far as I know it can't really be done with that software. But what you can do as a cheap alternative is to get a cable like this. Then you record your sound normally over the mic and play it back with the desired affects applied but with that cable running from the output jack (speaker) to the input jack (mic) and record it again. It's a bit of a hassle but it's cheap and it works. Otherwise you'd have to invest in software that's actually meant for doing this kinda thing.

    You could also get one of these adapters so you don't have to mess with your speakers and the other cable.
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    What your looking for is called EAX, most sb type sound cards support it. Im not sure if there is a third party software that lets you control it. Creative ships a program called EAX control center with thier sc that lets you add echo, reverb, flange/chorus... to live audio.

    If you want to do it in software its much harder, you need a set of software and hardware components that support ASIO. Something like a audigy 2 + vst host should do finely. I do it with cubase and it works fine.
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