They had a glitch and I hit reset password. They are sending the password to my free AOL account. I can't get into it and I am a novice on the computer.

I accidently found this site and see that there are some really sharp minds. Please, someone help me...... I had automatic password in my computer so I know it was a glitch on their part. If I had known I NEVER would have hit reset and gone into my other computer later.

I have called every number I can obtain. AOL says they can't help me as I am not a paying customer and that I can't be as I have cable.

They say I am AIM which I NEVER signed up for. And AIM is in India and doesn't have a clue. They say they don't know how to get in and reset the password and send it to my e-mail address which is

My aol address is " or ...whichever...

What can I do? Is there a corporate number for Time Warner that can get to them? I have called one and it is not anyone that can help.

I have alot of infor that I need to get to and it will all be lost soon I fear.

I keep reseting the password hoping that it is kept active that way.

PLEASE.....someone HELP me....