Hi. I built a custom computer that has worked absolutely perfectly until yesterday. I had recently installed a HDTV Tuner Card which had worked fine for a few days. Yesterday I came home and had left it scheduled to record a program, and the computer was completely frozen. I don't know how long the computer had been frozen, could have been up to 2 hrs.

The only way I could turn it off was to push the on off switch on the PSU. I left it off for a few seconds then I tried to power up. The computer automatically turned on when I hit the on off switch on the computer, the computer showed the splash screen and then turned off. If I tried to turn it back on with the power switch it would not turn on again. I had to turn off the PSU unplug it, then plug it back in and when I turned on the PSU the computer did the same thing and continues to do it, even after I disconnected everything from the motherboard (HDD, DVD, HDTV Card, Wireless Card, etc.). All I left on was one RAM, PSU, Motherboard, and CPU.

Does anyone have any suggestions or a definite answer to whats wrong?

If you do please share.