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    Enermax fans with the speed control Q---

    I have a few of these, it has a separate dualwire with a speedcontrol pot on it, how can I eliminate the speed control locking the fan at its max speed, simply cut the control off---or connect the speedcontrol ends ends eliminating the pot? I guess I could experiment wildly, just wondering if anyone can provide a clue before I start cutting wires...

    Here is what the speed dial looks like:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Enermax fans with the speed control Q----enermaxfans-04small.jpg  

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    Isn't the pot just a resistor? If you take it out of the circuit, you should be 100% all the time.


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    Yes, just hotwire it together.... I think.

    Thats a potentiometer, three wires. I do believe you just hotwire it.

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    You can test the theory by baring a little of each wire going to the speed control pot and shorting them together, this would bypass the speed control temporarily without doing anything permanent.
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