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    Angry No video on boot-up. HELP!

    I just got some new upgrades for my computer a few days ago out of the box and on the bootup im not getting any beeps or video. Fans on mobo, video card, hd, case, cpu all power up and seem to be working perfect. Ive tried starting it up outside the case to make sure it wasnt shorting and still nothing. Another thing that confused me is my disk drive will not open and no lights or antyhing. Im not really sure what to think of this but may mean something to someone else. Im kind of new to upgrading computers so if there was something i missed that i was supposed to do to new hardware I probably didnt do it lol. Any help will be greatly appreciated and any questions dont hesistate to ask.

    new stuff i got-
    gigabyte EP45-DS3R
    intel core 2 duo E8400 3.0ghz 6mb
    evga e-geforce 8800 gts ssc edition
    raidmax case w/ 500w raidmax psu
    kingston 2gb ram ddr2 800

    stuff from old machine:
    cd drive
    400gb hd

    anything else u need to know that i didnt state please ask
    thanks alot

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    Your CD drive should open. Try disconnecting everything except the memory and see if it sounds different when you boot it. If so, add the video card. If you have two mem modules, only use one.

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    IMO I'd ditch that Raidmax power supply, they aren't all that great! Power Supply info thread

    As Big Daddy said test it without the add-ons, just your mobo, cpu with hs/fan, gpu and single stick of ram. Double check all your power connections, the video card the board everything. Clear the cmos, double check to make sure the jumper isn't in the clear position.
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    ya i only have 1 stick of memory right now but ive tried doin the addon thing and still nothing. any other ideas. and about the power supply, before i got all my new hardware i put my old computer in my new case and everything worked like a charm so i know it works fine but ill definitely consider a new psu

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