Before I start I am NOT technically minded, so I am sorry if I seem a bit thick! I bought this twin tuner freeview recorder in Sep 07. According to the freeview website I am able to receive freeview. My post code is BD13 3BT my transmitter is Emley Moor. I had a new aerial fitted last year (I know nothing about it sorry!) and seemingly my signal is good to very good when I test it via the box, I do not know if this refers to strength or quality.

I very rarely get picture break up or freezing but the box "crashes" quite often, I can still watch the channel I am on but nothing else works ie: scheduled recordings do not start, volume control will not work, I cannot change channels, go to EPG I cannot even turn the box off! I have to unplug it in order to rectify the problem. Also on several occasions recordings start ok then just stop after a few seconds or minutes and (although not as often) they do not start at all.

I have been looking on the internet and in various advice forums but I am more confused than ever!

Is this a fault with the software, hardware or a reception problem? Or have I just got a dud box and need a replacement?

Thank you