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    Problem With LightScribe DVD Drive!

    About 2 years ago, I got an HP Pavilion PC, with a LightScribe DVD SuperMulti Drive/CD-Writer. When I first got the PC, the drive was working great, I was able to watch DVDs on the computer, play games, listen to music, but then after about a year and a half, it started going really bad.

    It either didn't read DVDs, or it read them but the movie was really really laggy so it wasn't worth it. When I put in game discs, the computer fan would race up, the green light would flash a few times, then nothing. But then recently, some games have started working.

    I bought the StarCraft Battle Chest a little while ago, and it works great, although sometimes it wont read so I take the disc out, put it back in and it works. I tried Age of Empires and that worked, and then I bought Halo: Combat Evolved, and that didn't work at all. And now today I bought the Diablo Battle Chest, and put that in and it doesn't work!

    It's really frustrating! I spend all this money on games, and then they don't work! I checked the hardware manager and the DVD drive came up as "HP DVD Writer 840b", and it says that everything is working perfectly. Please help me out I'm desperate!

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    Replace the drive already. It's like $30. You don't have to buy an HP drive. You can get a Lite-On for beans.
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