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Thread: "T43" > TOAST ?

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    "T43" > TOAST ?

    Please ,

    (i'm new at forums so try to cope with me !!)

    First I need to unlock my t43 laptop and I have been trying to find a schematic and read/wright programs for about two weeks and have only found one site (allservice) that can supply me with any info. !!! It is way out of my financial limit or as desperate as I am I would jump on any sure fired cure.
    Dose any body have the PC8394T programming tools, schematic and read/wright program to read the chip or a solution for my problem.
    Don't get me wrong, I will pay for a solution but I would like to build the interface to use in my computer repair business. I have worked on and built PC's since the 90's but wo0uld like to start working on Laptops cause it seems more people have a laptop than Desktops.
    Please HELP,
    Ron Baughman


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    I would definitely say your T43 is greater than toast.

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    Welcome to TechIMO!

    Two tips. First, please remove your e-mail addresses.

    Second, "unlock" means what?

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    Support > "T43" > TOAST ?

    Quote Originally Posted by osprey4 View Post

    Welcome to TechIMO!

    Two tips. First, please remove your e-mail addresses.

    Second, "unlock" means what?
    I forgot to have mentioned I can't get into the BIOS so I defenitly don't have a O/S also what do you mean - Second, "unlock" means what?
    All I can get when I turn it on is a icon of a padlock and it asks me for a password. I removed the BIOS batery, memory, and the main power source battery. I tryed booting it with a XP disk and it won't boot.

    Thanks for the quick responce,

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