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    Resetting the bios/cmos on dell inspiron 1525

    The 1525 uses a eeprom type chip. Removing the power via the Mitsu CR2032 button cell will do nothing to reset the bios password. Believe me I have been there done that. I am sure you can jump the cmos on the motherboard but have yet to find a soul that knew the chips location and/or which pin's to jump. I believe I've located the chip and some transistors located left of the battery. But I have no clue which to jump. I hope this can be done! This Inspiron 1525 is a Bi*&%. Any one with labeled schematics of this board could possibly help. I have the board info for all to see its as follows:
    Intel ds2 48.4W002.031 not sure if this even cross references with intel being a Dell. Other option would be to know a L2 dell tec, read the numbers then their generator will cough up a bios admin password... "Anyone with that algorythm or the generator already compiled"? I'll Buy It!!!!! lol
    Any way If I can help anyone or likewise just shout! l8ter all!

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    Dell inspiron 1525 Eeprom chip location?

    I have the same problem too. I cant locate the eeprom chip on the dell 1525. Can you tell me exactly where you located the eeprom chip on the dell 1525 laptop.

    By the way I had reset the Admisitrator / Bios password for a dell D510 6 months ago by shorting the eeprom chip. I did this by shorting the pin no 4 and 6 starting from the doted circle on the chip. The chip no was 24c____ (forgot the full number).

    Please send me the location of the eeprom chip on the inspiron 1525.


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