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    USB External Hard Disk not working

    Hey everyone,

    My hard disk recently stopped working...initially due to the USB hard disk wire. The wire began to have some problems since it would just turn off the hard disk randomly. Then I would have to move it in weird directions in order to make the hard disk work. So, I plugged in my hard disk to get some important data since I would need it, and I would later go and buy a new wire. I plugged it in, and within 10 seconds, the hard disk turned on and off about four or five times, so I took out the wire.

    Now I have a new wire, yet the hard disk is not working. When I plug it in, a install new hardware wizard pops up, and says to install the USB Device. I am pretty sure it is not the wire's fault since it works with my mobile phone. So I was wondering if my hard disk is completely gone or if it is possible to fix it.

    By the way, I am using Windows XP.

    Thanks in advance,


    Edit: I have tried steps 1 and 2 from USB port may stop working after you remove or insert a USB device
    However, I am not sure if it is pertinent to my problem since it talks about the problem being with a specific USB port and not USB device. I am afraid to try step 3 since my mouse is attached with a USB.

    Edit 2: I forgot to put this in, but when I plug in the hard disk, the light on the hard disk turns on, but it does not spin (no noise).
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