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Thread: Random BSOD's

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    Random BSOD's

    I have a MSI DKA790GX Platinum motherboard with integrated graphics, AMD Phenom II X4 processor with Windows 7 Ultimate. I will get a BSOD randomly sometimes when doing certain things. Its been awhile since it has happened like it got over it for a few months somehow. Anyway it used to happen when my girlfriend would be watching her shows like off of ABC.com.

    Now it doesnt from those various streaming sites but now its been happening rarely just when doing nothing particular and I can get it to happen every time. One is Google images. When searching for something then scrolling through all the image results it will happen. Then again on the Verizon wireless site when navigating through their shopping cart process.

    When it happens I cant really read anything as the screen will have pixels and lines distorting the screen. Monitor will go blank then it comes back with the distorted image then blank then with a distorted BSOD then blank then the PC restarts.

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    To me this sounds like video related, could be heat issues or a driver.

    I'd try reinstalling the latest drivers.
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    Ive tried that and it still does it. I only recently added another fan thinking it was a little warm but now its pretty cool in there and temps in the house have been dropping.

    Its been awhile since Ive been here. I almost missed your reply thinking you just posted a bunch of ads but then I saw it in the corner blending in with text ads. What happened around here for there to be so many ads in so many unnecessary places?

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    Grr... apparently I became logged out somehow and that must be why all the ads but now I log in they're all gone...

    I was thinking about upgrading my to a video card anyway sometime which I think why the BSOD are also video related I just hope that If I do upgrade that this isnt something that would persist.

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