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    Upgraded CPU heat sink/fan. Pc will not turn on now.

    Hey everyone this is my first post and I'm pretty desperate for some help.

    Here's some info on my pc to start:

    Mobo: Asus p7p55d-e pro
    CPU: intel i5 1156
    Psu: corsair tx650w
    Gpu: nvidia gtx460
    Ram: 2x 4gb corsair ddr3
    Hdd: western digital. 1tb.
    Case: cooler master 922 HAF
    New heatsink: cooler master hyper 212 plus

    Ok now for the problem. Today my new heatsink arrived and I proceeded to instal.
    I removed all plugs from the mobo and removed the mobo itself.

    I installed the heatsink exactly as shown in 2 different videos I watched. I hooked everything back up exactly as it had been before starting this.

    The power led on the mobo lights up when plugged in. The wireless adapter that is hooked up via USB lights up. When I press the power button on my case, absolutely nothing happens. I have triple checked every cord inside my case. The only ones I'm unsure of are the 2 from my hdd since there are about 10 different places to plug them in, but I am about %90 sure I plugged them in where they were before I started.

    I have a feeling I'm just overlooking something stupid, and I apologize if that ends up being the case, but I'm freaking out right now and I'd greatly appreciate any help on this.

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    I'd start by double checking to make sure you got the wires for the power switch back in the right place. I've made that mistake a few times. From there its all about dis-connecting and reconnecting everything you removed just to make sure its in there firmly. You may also need to remove the motherboard again and put it back in, making sure you've got all the stand-offs in place, nothing is behind the board and its not grounding somewhere.
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    You could have a short where the MB touches the case. Make sure you didn't reverse the Power SW. I usually remove all of those (Reset, HDD Light) and just do the Power Switch. If that works, plug in the next one.
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    I too would start with checking the connector that runs from your power switch on the case to the header on the motherboard. I've plugged it in backwards several times.

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