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    Question Gigabyte board - runs for a few minutes

    Giagbyte GA-MA780G-UD3H
    AMD athelon 64 x2 5000 +
    4 gigs ( 2 chips) corsair
    550 watt psu
    Gigagybyte GTS 250 card
    windows 7 ultimate

    History: Assembled 2 years ago and, after loads of headaches & switching fans, etc. finally worked well. Set aside for 1.5 year.

    Tried to start now and it will post and sometimes even load windows but

    system shuts down after anywhere from 2 minutes to ten minutes.

    Managed to read CPU temp via software and numbers seems to exceed

    specs. ( Only stayed on once long enough to see readings.)

    Re applied heat transfer paste according to web info but had same

    problem with shutoff , even without external load ( mouse, keyboard &

    monitor). Same problem with graphic card out.

    Problem: PSU ? CPU fan ? CPU ? or mother board ?

    all eqpt is new.

    Any suggestions appreciated ? thanks

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    Are you overclocking?

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    Hi, Taxmancometh

    no overclocking.

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    Gigabyte boards are pretty fussy with memory. You might want to reset the BIOS first - be sure to unplug it from the wall.

    Then try setting your memory timings down in BIOS.
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    What PSU
    Brand and +12V amperage

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    Beast is working now. No idea why. Perhaphs it's because i threatened to toss it. Thanks for Help.

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