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    Red face Fixing dual monitor issue on Laptop

    I am not certain if this is the right place to ask but I got to ask somewhere..I need help. Now I pre-wrote this on MS Word so I am going to cut and paste it...

    Undo Dual Monitor on Vista where remote display is ONE and Laptop is 2(and not displaying any icons or mouse, etc
    I am in need of assistance. I know how to bugger things up but don't know how to UNbugger
    O.S. Vista
    Computer type : Compaq Laptop
    Probem...Dual monitor Unsetup...I don't know how to undo it?
    Second monitor is a VGA cable plug in...Lets call it the "REMOTE DISPLAY". It too is a Compaq
    I have to tell the story so bear with me just so I am clearing it up in my mind. I will be repeating myself several times through the ramble. Sorry about that.

    In the beginning the PC laptop monitor worked fine

    I got a larger "REMOTE DISPLAY" which I stuck on a filing cabinet. Being glass, I figured the picture would also be crisper.
    So somewhere off the net it told me how to set up for dual monitors. YOU-TUBE

    I had that...but I did not want to burn out the laptop screen(avoiding screen burnout) so I tried to eliminate it by partially closing the laptop
    I am new to laptops so closing the lid too far and the computer shuts down(a discovery I made)

    Anyways initially Laptop screen was 1 and REMOTE DISPLAY was 2
    Over the course of months I lived with it as is - somewhere through the passage of time the REMOTE DISPLAY became 1 and the laptop monitor went white.(no identification)

    I found out how to darken the screen on the LAPTOP to black so now it is really no display(which is what I was aiming for). I have now lightened up the screen to see(using the keys on the LAPTOP keyboard)
    I was using the REMOTE DISPLAY all the time. That time has ended and I want the compaq screen to show the desktop again.
    NOW I need to go backwards to DUAL DISPLAY.

    I brightened up the laptop monitor but cannot figure out how to move it to display anything.
    The computer sees that there are 2 displays but show the 1 on the REMOTE MONITOR.
    It does nothing on the second monitor.

    Now what I have done... used the Function button on the laptop and a right arrow key (because in my trying, I have lost the icons and the mouse as they went to the laptop on my left and did not show in the white screen.
    So managed to regain that control again. But it REMAINS on the Remote monitor.

    There is no backup that will go over a year back...so the settings are as they are.

    I have also powered down the Laptop and removed its battery and checked several days later. Disconnected the VGA cable too. To see if it forgot those setting
    Nope. The laptop screen is still white so I am betting the VGA monitor is the one I have to work with.
    What do I do? Even to get a dual display situation. So it is on BOTH MONITORS IS FINE WITH ME.

    [ I figure I got to go there first to then switch monitor numbers around so Laptop is 1 and REMOTE DISPLAY is 2 ?
    Then it would be safe to disconnect the VGA cord to eliminate the large monitor...and the Laptop would still function as normal.]
    I am good with the Logic.... doing the wrong procedure is what sends me off into the TWILIGHT ZONE.

    I need some one to walk me through. Or where I can read up on how to do it right?

    I do have Belarc PC analyzer to tell me the specs on the PC and I believe video driver name.
    That is about the only tool I know that might be helpful.

    What do I know about computers? I have been in the registry. Been on XP for 15 years, win98,win95 and before DOS. I been messing up for a long time.

    You guys know stuff and have helped me out in the past and I thank you for you time.

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    On any laptop I've ever used if you disconnect the external monitor (unplug the VGA cable) then it will automatically revert to one display with the laptop display being the one and only display. It sounds like you've already done that though. Is there any chance that you disabled the display in the settings in the laptop BIOS?

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    I would not have gone there. Pretty sure, if it is anything like access to XP bios.
    One day it was there, next day I cold boot my machines daily...it was gone. Happy like a pig in turd. Until now...that is. So I got to plug the VGA cord to see anything on second monitor. Remember I said the second monitor is identified by the Laptop as display "1"...which is probably the problem
    Or am I wrong in my thinking.?
    It would not surprise me that I am thinking wrong. I do not know how it swapped numbers. Again I did something weird that I do not know about


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    BIOS settings are stored in a chip on the motherboard and are independent of the operating system.

    Anyway it sounds like your system has some hardware issues bigger than just the video...

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