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    Question Panasonic RX-DT600 cassette problems

    In the past few days I noticed that a cassette will not fit into Deck 2 of this boombox.

    When it's put in and the door is closed it goes crooked like it doesn't fit.

    So I got into the guts of this problem and noticed several nuances of the second deck.

    First it seems higher than deck 1, which works perfectly and some of the wires don't look exactly the same as in deck 1.

    Deck 2 is actually higher which seems to be why the cassette will not fit and the door won't shut.

    If you haven't guessed I am a female and tech stuff is not my forte although I did manage to diagnose and fix my PC all by myself last year.

    But this cassette problem is rather annoying. Why would one deck be higher than the other?

    If you know what I'm talking about is there anything I can do to fix it. I love this BB and don't want to get rid of it as everything else works fine; CD player and radio.

    Thanks for any assistance.

    Debra N.

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    The two decks will usually be physically different as one of them will often not have a Record function, or the extra parts associated with that. Are the wheels that turn the cassette spools on both mechanisms both feeling about the same, not binding up, stiff or jammed?

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    Both wheels feel the same no binding or jamming.

    I even cleaned both decks with denatured alcohol and got all the dust out so they are both clean.

    A cassette just will not fit into Deck 2 which is the dubbing deck and I have no idea why.

    Totally baffled!

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