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    What causes a motherboard to go bad

    In reference to the Post we need a young priest and an old priest. What would cause a MB to go bad?

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    Geez......there are a ton of things that could make a motherboard go bad.

    Incorrect voltage supplied to it, grounding of the pins on the back to the case, a scratch of one or more of the traces on the PCB, bad components from the factory.....the list could go on and on.
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    most common is static shock..
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    Bad Flash
    Temperature Overheat/extreme Heat-Cool cycles
    Static Charge/Build Up
    Internal from poor mounting / grounding / peripheral
    External from phone line / Lan Line / Speakers / Monitor
    Wall Outlet with a grounding prong that doesn't work
    RAM chip failure
    Video Card failure
    CPU chip failure
    Leaky CMOS battery
    Foreign material that allows a short to occur
    Dust - Conductive Thermal Compound -
    Power Supply Failure/Out of Tolerance
    Powerful Magnetic feild nearby

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    I find that if you step on them or dump a lot of water on 'em....they have a tendancy to go bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by originx7 View Post
    In reference to the Post we need a young priest and an old priest. What would cause a MB to go bad?

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    Well lets see here.
    the occasional fall
    dogs knowcking over computer
    kittens that don't quite know that a litter box exists
    incorrect voltages
    power surges

    I think I missed a few
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    ... resetting CMOS with board powered up....

    Years ago when I worked in consumer electronics store, I got an idea on how to sell the store's favorite high-end VCR model. I pulled the bottom cover off the unit exposing the bottom, foil side of the main board. Then I took a lamp cord with a AC plug on one end and bare tinned leads on the other. With wide-eyed potential buyers looking on, I had the guys attach the 110v ground to the chassis of the VCR, and then rake the hot lead all over the foil board.

    Needless to say it was quite the show, sparks and all. We then would unplug the AC cord, stick a tape in the VCR, and show that it still worked fine. After that, the sales guys had it rather easy: "Nothing can kill this thing." It made work a lot of fun.

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    You guys forgot a couple. . .

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    Bad/leaking capacitors.
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