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    Unhappy Windows 2000 Crashes

    I just recently started having problems with my Dell Inspiron 4000 laptop. The problems started when I left my laptop on over night and in the morning the laptop would either not boot or it would and it would stay on for 15 to 30 mins before shutting down. At the time I had Windows ME. I recently formatted the Hard drive and installed Windows 2000 profesional, the problems still existed. I could not even get past the set up.Also at times the BIOS would freeze. I changed the setting in the BIOS by setting the POST to min. And turning off the ACPI. I got the OS installed and it still crashed. I took apart the laptop and put it back together, I updated the BIOS, I did a system diogastics and all came up well(with no errors). I Found when I turned the stand by, monitor and hard drive shutdown to never, it worked for a bit longer. In the .dmp files I am getting the following......

    1) The Computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. the bugcheck
    0x0000000a(0xfffffffc,0x00000002,0x00000000,0x8043 1959)

    2)The Computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. the bugcheck was:
    0x0000001e(0xc0000005,0x00f80010,0x00000000,0x00f8 0010)

    3)The Computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. the bugcheck was:
    0x00000050(0xf000e9b7,0x00000000,0xa002aead,0x0000 0000)

    Please Help

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    First off Welcome to TechIMO! Sorry nobody responded sooner

    Well usually Dells have great warrenty's. Thats my main advice! I would highly suggest just having them fix it cause you can often void the warrenty's by messing around with it by yourself.

    That said it sounds as if it could be one of two things. Memory could be the culprate, but memory generally doesn't just suddenly go bad! It sounds more like it could be the CPU overheating. Can you check the temps at all? You could have a fan out, or perhaps the fan stopped sometime during the night and it overheated which damaged the CPU.

    Their are other things it could be. Do you have any pets???

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    Thanks for the wellcome and the response

    I would love to send it back to dell unfortunitly my warrenity just expired 3 months ago(isn't that always the case when something breaks) For the possibilities, After I posted I got a new message reading:

    I got this message after I rebooted, the restart was caused when I tried to change the contrast on the LCD and it crashed.

    I don't know how to check the CPU Temp. I think the CPU fan is working b/c it would crash sometimes and I would hear it running although it could be the HD. Is there any way I can check the to see if the CPU fan is running? I do not have any pets.

    Thanks for your help

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    I have tried a few things a yet the computer is still crashing.
    I have done the following:

    1) Swaped memory with a known good memory
    2) Swaped HardDrives
    3) Flashed the BIOS
    4) Tested the adapter Voltage

    I am as lost as I was before.

    Can anyone help???

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    is the o/s installed with FAT32 or NTFS?

    have you tried a low level format on the hard disk ? if you disk manufacturer is ibm they have a tool for low level formating and so on for other manufacturers.
    is the laptop or some of its parts on the windows 2000 HCL?
    have your tried any other o/s?

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    I did a quick look around and found this:


    ... could the problem you're having be related to hot-swapping the cdrom?

    Based on what I've read I'd be tempted to say it sounds like an overheating problem. Getting into the guts and checking out the ducting and fans is risky, but short of sending it in for repair, I don't know what else you could do.

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    I formatted the drive with a FAT 32 filesystem. I did a Fdisk to partition. I did not do a low level format as I did not want it to affect the hardware. It was running on windows ME but the same problems still existed. The notebook was designed for either ME or 2000.


    I have check the fan near the CPU, and it seems to run fine when the computer boot (that's when it actually does boot)
    thanks for the web page addy. The computer froze when I did a hot swap. So I figured that I better not do it when the computer is in this kind of shape.

    Do you think that it could me a motherboard problem?

    Thanks for all the responses

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    So, have you tried formatting with NTFS? i have seen some very unstable 2k machines with fat32 drives i dunno why though.
    is it a full original version or is it a copy of win2k?
    do you have the windows 2000 debugging tools installed?

    if all that doesnt work what are the full specs of the note-book? and any software you have installed when it crashes

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    The first install of Win2k was with an NTFS partition. It would not boot at times, it actually got so bad that I could not even boot from the floppy. So I got another drive that contained a FAT partition and I put a FAT 32 partition on it. I then loaded Win2k form there. It is a copy of Win2k not the origional. But, I don't think that it is a problem with the disk as I loaded it on to my home Comp about a week ago.
    I don't know how to install the debugging tools, I just ran set up as normal


    Celron 700MHz
    128 Meg Ram
    L2 Cache 128KB
    HD 6gigs
    Intel 82443BX chipset

    Thanks for all the help

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    have you read the link somecallmetim posted , the problems they had describe your problem.
    also i think your hardware should be fine intels chipsets really give me trouble.
    dont worry about the debugging tools its a cd i have that lets me know win2k is shutting down for a bugcheck
    can you get hold of a copy of xp or something and try that, xp is alike to win2k but i have found it more stable on problematic machines

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    Before I installed Win2k I tried XP Pro, I could not even get it too boot. I have read the link that was posted but the problems I am having are much deeper than just hotswaping issues. I still believe it is a motherboard issues am most certain that it is a hardware issue. I think I will just have to suck it up and send it to DELL for them to fix.

    Thanks for the responses I appreciate it

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