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    Best defrag program?

    what is the best defrag program out there? I currently use Nortons Speed Disk, but have heard windwos ME defrag, Nutz&Bolts, Diskkeeper, and FixItUtilities all have good defrag progs.. Ive also hear one is way better than the rest.. Help me out here... thanks I am using a Maxtor 20 gig drive will one singe primary partition.

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    I have used a few, but the one I keep coming back to is Diskkeeper. It's great! You don't have to totally stop doing anything on the computer, and you can set it to Smart Defrag were it will keep the files as defragged as possible. It doesn't eat up as many reaources as Norton's Speed Disk either. It can't defrag a primary partition while windows is up(I don't know if any pragram can), but you can set it to defrag next boot, or every boot, or every so often. All in all, I like this one the best.


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    I agree on the diskkeeper, that is what I use and its very nice.
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    Never used any of those but I like Windows ME defragger. When I do w98se builds I always put ME defrag on cuz its so much faster...then I put power defrag on also so that even total non geeks can defrag their comp.

    Power defrag just shuts the comp down, restarts it and defrags there before it loads windows...that way all the peoples gay screensavers etc dont interfere and cause me to spend my life on the phone.

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    Why not just the Windows defragger, i mean its meant for Windows, lol

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