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    Strange Hardware issuess....

    If i select all the files on my Maxtor 80gb hard drive and check the properties it reports about 7gb, if i select the drive itself and check it says 30+gb. A program i ran said there was a descrepency (spelling?) between the number identified for this in the volume desciption and the number received from GetDiskFreeSpace. What can i do to fix this?

    I am using xp and i don't think anything else is relavent to the problem.. if so ask.

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    I'm sorry I don't quite get what your saying. Basicly your 80GB HD is working fine, but when you select all the folders it says its usuing 7GBs of HD space and when you click properties on the drive it says 30+GBs are used?

    I think whats at work here is windows reads everything on the drive when you select properties on the drive, but when you jsut select the folders it skips sub folders or something. Its nothing to worry about. The PC I'm on right now says it has 596mbs used under the HD, and under the folders it says 532mbs. Not as big a diff as you but I don't think anythings wrong.

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    I am worried about something else though. I am going to be making a ghost copy of the hard drive for back up and it reads the size as approximately 30gb and says the ghost will be like 26 gb, but there isn't that much data so i am not sure what the output size will be and since it is going on cds, the smaller the better, i can't use 50 or so cds to make the copy, even ten is a lot but i will do ten.

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