Hello guyz,

I'm selling my Doepfer pocket dial SE (silver with blue led). It's in excellent condition as I haven't been using it a lot. For those of you unaware, Pocket dial is a MIDI Control Box with 16 rotary encoders. For further information see http://www.doepfer.de/pd.htm

80 + shipping

I am based in the UK

Pocket Dial features:
16 high quality endless rotary encoders (alpha dials), manufacturer: ALPS
solid silver-grey metal case measures about 25 x 9.5 x 4.5 cm
black knobs, about 18 mm diameter, having a good grip distance between the knobs about 30 mm (from center to center)
4 banks that can be selected very fast via 4 buttons and blue LEDs (thus 64 "virtual" controllers are available)
32 presets (with 4 banks each, i.e. 128 presets altogether), selected via DIP switch at the rear panel
program change button (as long as this buttons is pressed the encoder below no 8 transmits program change messages for fast preset changes of the unit controlled by POCKET DIAL)
master channel button (for fast adjustment of the MIDI master channel, same function as Pocket Control)
24 detents/pulses per rotation, i.e. the data change is +/-24 per turn (if the encoder is turned slow, see acceleration)
acceleration function, i.e. the data change increases if the encoders are turned faster
the editor program (PC version) enables the user to program his own 128 presets. This means that you can define the function of each of the 16 controllers in your own 128 presets. You no longer depend on the factory presets !