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    Toshiba Satellite T213OCS Laptop

    For sale:

    #1 Toshiba Satellite T213OCS laptop, win. 95, 500 mg hard drive, 16 mg ram, works great. Don't have alot of specs on it as I got it used as is with no manuel. Battery is dead and wont recharge, but power cord will work. Has a Megahertz PCMCIA Ethernet modem, 10Mbps LAN Adapter, 28.8/14.4kbps Data/fax
    Also has Noteworthy Ethernet Card with adapter for cable modem hook up. (EDIT) Found my windows 3.1 disks and also found microsoft windows for workgroups disks. Had windows 95 put on it, but hard drive was split into two partitions. C: main drive and H: host drive. Fragmented and made sure hard drive had no bad sectors by running scan disk. everything works great.

    1 CPU
    1 Mother Board
    1 Hard Drive (2 partitions)
    1 Floppy Drive
    1 Built in Video Card
    1 Serial Port
    1 Parallel Port
    1 PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard Port
    1 Expansion Port
    2 PCI Card Port

    Laptop 50$ Or best Offer
    Monitor 30$ Or best Offer(SOLD)(SOLD)(SOLD)
    Live in Ohio, Dayton area, will charge extra for shipping
    references: check with Sweeper, he knows me, he has good references.
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    Do you still have the laptop? Does it come with the cord? If so, LETS MAKE A DEAL!!!!

    Color Screen with no bad pixels right?


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    I PM'd you with info....

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    What is the processor and or correct Model number. This may be the right Model number actually, however I could not find a picture of this laptop on Ebay. Do you have a picture? Would you be willing to trade this laptop for something(s)? Thanks.

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    Hey, the reason you couldn't find a photo on ebay is because he typed an "O" in the model, not a "0". Looks to be a 486 DX 75mhz processor. No one seems to know the maximum amount of installed RAM it can have though...


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    With the Satellite T2130 Series*, you can combine fast 75MHz IntelDX4 performance with your choice of either a vibrant 10.4" TFT active matrix color (T2130CT) or a bright 10.4" Dynamic-STN dual-scan (T2130CS) display. Both models feature a 520 million byte (=500MB) hard disk drive, 8MB standard RAM expandable to 32MB, an integrated AC Adapter, a NiMH battery with MaxTime Power Management for two and one-half to five hours of battery life, and the AccuPoint integrated pointing device. Connection to peripherals is easy with the optional port replicator, and both models also offer two built-in PC Card slots for additional expandability.
    A host of new features comes to PC users: 32-bit-processing, Plug and Play, true multitasking, an easier user interface, and more. Satellite Series products have been designed from the start to take advantage of Windows 95.


    The Port Replicator provides access to all of the ports on the system itself as well as an additional PS/2 mouse port and joystick port.
    The Noteworthy 28,800 bps and 14,400 bps XJACK data/fax modems feature the patented XJACK connector, which is rugged and easily connects to a standard telephone cord (RJ11). There is no need to carry an extra modem cable. For both models, faxes are sent at 14,400 bps. FaxWorks™ data/fax software accompanies each modem.
    The Noteworthy Travel Companion Case is made of soft, full grained leather, imported from Spain and features polished gold hardware. The computer storage area opens by vertical zippers for easy loading and an additional 2" deep main compartment allows plenty of room for your personal organizer and files. (Available in tan only.)
    With Noteworthy Memory Upgrade Modules you can increase the performance of your Toshiba notebook computer. They are user installable into the system's dedicated memory slot and are available in 4MB, 8MB, 16MB or 24MB upgrades for the Satellite Series.


    10.4" dia. color TFT-LCD active matrix display
    10.4" dia. color dual-scan STN display
    Fast 75MHz IntelDX4 processor
    520 Million Byte (=500MB) HDD
    8MB of RAM, expandable to 32MB
    Two built-in PC Card slots (two Type II or one Type III)
    Optional Port Replicator
    Integrated AC Adapter
    NiMH battery with Toshiba MaxTime™ Power Management
    AccuPoint integrated pointing device
    Under 7 lbs. total travel weight
    Pre-installed software: User selectable Windows 95 or MS-DOS and Windows and Toshiba Custom Utilities: MaxTime, Fn-esse

    Here are the specs.....let me know....50$ or best offer or trade..looking for a 20-40 gig HD no bad sectors...or let me know what you might have to trade...thanks...happy holidays
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