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    Icon not showing up..

    I have a program that i tried giving a different icon in VS 2K5.

    I change each windows form designer properties to it.
    Right clicked on the project and changed it there as well.
    Added in as a resource and its in the debug file.

    But no. It does change the exe icon and alt tab icon, but the upper left corner and task bar icons remain as the default. As far as I know I've set everything.

    Thx for any help.

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    i am pretty sure that u have to create a icon for each style of shortcut
    as in taskbar, start menu, desktop large, desktop small etc etc - u might be editing one but not the whole lot - i suggest u use a 3rd Party icon maker - alot more features too

    btw if u are in debug it might be different to when u actually make the proper file - check that out

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    Yup Exally. In away you do, I have found out. You need a 16x16 for the forms and a 32x32 for the project.

    AKA: 16x16 >> Upper left corner of window
    >> Task bar icon for minimized window
    (Set in from designers property per form)

    32x32 >> ALT-TAB Icon
    >> EXE Icon
    (Project property)

    So if anyone else has this problem, now you know.

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