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    Updating VB6 project w/VB Express

    There are many programs at my company that have been written for VB6 and some I am able to edit so that they work fine, but others I try and upgrade so that its easier to talk to a SQL DB and stuff.. there is so much improvement with .NET and thats what im use to.. The following is an error i seem to get when trying to upgrade/convert a Visual Basic/ Visual Studio 6 project with Visual Basic 2005 Express. VB6 is installed on one computer but it is old and not the one I have VB Express on.

    What should I do to get around this or not have it give me these errors?
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    Install VB6 and the related components on the machine.
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    Ya, you will need to install VB6, I have had to do this also with a couple of programs.

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