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    Switch programming language of app

    I have an urgent task to complete regarding an own application. I need to build an application in C# but to tell you the truth I have no experience in C# just a little bit of BASIC. To get things done I looked for something on the Internet where a page provided me with useful information: Ozeki C# VoIP SDK - VB.NET DTMF IVR

    It is built upon an SDK called Ozeki SIP SDK, this is not a problem because I need an urgent result, it is just that the example is provided in VB.NET.

    Because of the lack of experience in both C# and Visual Basic I want to find out how to change this sample from VB.NET to C# programming language?

    I would be grateful if you could tell me.

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    vb.net and C# are dramatically different, so if you're coming from BASIC its a really steep learning curve.
    Its not really comparable when you're coming from a strict 'GOTO' language to a object oriented functional language.
    Unfortunately I'm of limited help as I've never done any C#.
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