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    Use Button-click event to download file and then go to another web page

    I will be selling a delphi app on my web site. After the customer pays for the program, the website changes to a download page, with a "Download" button. When the customer hits that btn, my executable downloads to customer's computer and then sees installation prompts, etc.

    After my .exe downloads, I want the website focus to change back to my Home Page, without preventing the customer from then installing the new program. Can you recommend the html code to do this?
    Thanks for your help. eddela
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    I don't write code... but can you force "a new window" for the download part... Once it's complete, the user closes it and is back where they started?
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    Change Page After File Download

    Thanks for your input.
    What I'm trying to do, is discontinue the customers' access to the download page, after he/she gets the file which was purchased. So, the idea is to have the web page change to my home page, triggered by the completion of the download process.

    All of the methods I've seen, use a button-click or a timer to trigger the page change. I don't want the user to click a button, or choose not to. A timer may leave too little time for the download, or enough time for the customer to download again.

    Does anybody know how to use a download completion event, to trigger a link to another web page? Any other ideas? Thank you.

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